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A few years ago, it was next to impossible to gather information about individuals using only their house address. However, the advent of address lookup, address search and reverse address lookup sites and apps have made it possible for just about anyone interested to collect information concerning a certain location and on the persons associated with that location.

Why Should You Do A Reverse Address Lookup?

With the correct address, you should be able to find just about anyone you may be interested in finding. All you will need to do is to key in the physical address of a lost friend into a reverse address lookup site and you will be given your friend’s phone number.

In the event you are moving to a new address, you should absolutely be interested in a reverse address lookup. A reverse address lookup service should give you answers to all your “who lives at this address” type of questions. For instance, who will be living next door to you at your new address, whether any of your neighbors have criminal records or are registered sex offenders.

In the event you are seeking to buy a new piece of property, then this reverse address lookup service will come in very handy in giving you the complete information on the prospective property. For instance, it will reveal the size of the property, its current worth, its history, bedroom counts and current residents.

Best Reverse Address Lookup Sites

1. SearchPeopleFree

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SearchPeopleFree is a multilingual website that interlinks its search engine with a wide array of public records to provide its users with extensive and detailed reports. The site provides information on a location, the phone number of its occupants, age, criminal records, relatives, the relatives’ past and current addresses, marriage and divorce records and full background reports.


  • The site promises user privacy and does not save any information on its online servers.


  • The report generated cannot be downloaded or shared.
  • The site provides information only for individuals living in the US.

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2. Nuwber.com

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Nuwber is a prominent people-search engine in the United States, gathering individuals’ data from a variety of public records such as White Pages listings, social networks, criminal records, and other sources. The platform enables users to obtain personal details about others, including phone numbers, email addresses, names, dates of birth, aliases, social media profiles, past and current addresses, property information, and much more.

The service is aimed at preliminary searches and does offer some free information. Users can perform searches leveraging multiple methods on a user-friendly platform that aggregates data from multiple public records.


  1. The platform allows for easy filtering of information.
  2. It is user-friendly and offers free search services for basic information.
  3. Nuwber provides multiple search options, including people search, reverse phone lookup, and address lookup.
  4. Users have the option to remove their information from the database.


  1. The information provided is not always 100% accurate, with some reviews mentioning incorrect or outdated information.
  2. The platform relies on partnership services like TruthFinder.
  3. Nuwber is only US-based, meaning you won’t find any data about people living outside of the United States.

3. PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders has a vast variety of publicly available data indexed into its system. It also uses the backend service of Intelius to provide a consortium of information to its users. For a fee of $2.95, it will provide you with all the information on an address including the financial information, phone numbers, relatives, court records, evictions, foreclosures, and criminal records.

However, the site offers unlimited searches for its members. Membership fees is $30 per month.


  • The best thing with PeopleFinders is that you do not have to be a member to run its searches.
  • The website is easy-to-use and intuitive
  • Their customer service is very helpful and responsive.
  • There is an Android app version of PeopleFinders


  • The app version of PeopleFinders is not available for iOS devices
  • The site offers a 3-day trial period, but charges $8 for canceling the trial period.
  • The search information that is provided does not include social media information.

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4. Instant Checkmate

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Instant Checkmate uses various advanced technologies to provide you with information on a particular address gathered from federal data resources, country and state data sources and millions of public records. This site will give you information on a person’s identity, social media profile, address, phone number, criminal record, current location and background by simply keying in to the site an address and the state in which the address is in.

Instant Checkmate can also be used to provide you with information on an organization that you may be looking to do with business with or work for. Using the company address of the office building, you can determine whether an organization regularly pays its property tax or not.


  • One major advantage of this site it displays an extensive wealth of information in a simple and easy-to-follow report.
  • Also, the site provides information on both the current and former individuals who lived at that particular address.


  • Instant Checkmate only provides information on individuals living in the US.
  • Another slightly frustrating encounter with the site is that it does take quite a while to load and display the search results.

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5. TruthFinder

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If you are looking to find all the hidden and secret information about an address, then TruthFinder is the way to go. TruthFinder is even used by organizations looking to find out more about their prospective employees. Usually, people give their address information to organizations, and these organizations without even letting them know, use this address information to search their history. The site will provide information on an individual’s age, name, date of birth, relatives, social media profiles and criminal history.

TruthFinder uses State, Federal and County data resources to collect information on addresses. It also provides information on the property itself, such as the year the property was built, the local area code, and the square footage.


  • It generates accurate and rich reports within a timeframe of about 10 minutes.
  • The website is easy to use
  • Offers unlimited searches for its members
  • Very helpful and friendly customer support.


  • The site charges an additional fee of $2 for any download of its reports.

Click here to visit TruthFinder Official Website>>

6. Whitepages

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The name Whitepages is an adaptation from the idea of physical directories and address books. The site was developed with the concept of automating the process of searching through physical address books. While the information you would get in a traditional address book might be out-of-date, the data provided by this app is up-to-date.

Whitepages is an excellent site for those who would be interested in gathering more than just professional or social information. It provides you with detailed information such as court records, liens, criminal records, judgements, associates, family members and current contact details. This kind of detailed report is offered at a cost of $19.95 per month for a premium subscription.


  • The site provides some basic information for free.
  • It can be used to search for just about anyone the world over
  • It provides instant results

7. USSearch

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USSearch is another simple and easy-to-use search engine that provides you with your desired information within a few seconds. Being one of the earlier people search engines, it renowned for its massive amount of data. The more information that you are able to key into to the required search fields, the better the results you will receive.

Membership costs $20 per month. This is relatively affordable compared to other similar sites.


  • It takes a few seconds to display its search results.
  • Offers free searches, however there are also paid searches
  • The site automatically filters the results its displays based on the information you key into the search fields.
  • Its website is user friendly
  • There are no additional charges for downloading its search reports.
  • It offers detailed reports


  • It is best mostly for address and people searches only in the US.
  • There is no mobile app version of the search engine.
  • There is no free trial option

8. Zosearch

Zosearch as a reverse address lookup site is a complete package. It provides all the details concerning a property in addition to the information about the persons associated with that property or address. For instance, it can give you information on when the said property was constructed, the number of rooms and floors, the types or rooms and the even details concerning the property tax.

The app also provides its users with information on the neighborhood of a particular address. For instance, using the site you will be able to find out whether there may be any registered sex offenders living in the area.


  • There is an app version of Zosearch

9. FastPeopleSearch

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With a monthly subscription of about 1.3 million people, FastPeopleSearch was ranked by Alexa.com as the 6120th most widely accessed website in the world. This website simply aggregates publicly accessible information from property records and listings, drivers licenses, phone book listings, tax records, and social media platforms.


  • This website is completely free of charge. Users are not required to pay anything for its free reverse address look up.
  • People are offered a removal option from their site where they can remove their information from site.


  • The site provides information only for individuals residing in the US and is not accessible for users outside of the US.
  • One snag of this website is that you’ll have to accept the website cookies before you can access its platform. This means that as much as you’ll be using their services for free, the website will be collecting some of your browsing information in exchange.

10. Beenverified

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BeenVerified is best known for its easy-to-use website. The site has indexed into its website an immense amount of public record sources. It provides some information for free, such as address history, general Information, professional background, friends, and pictures. However, in the event that you are looking for more detailed information such as criminal records, background checks and court records, you will be required to pay the membership fees of $39.99 per month.


  • The website has a sleek, modern design
  • Users are provided with a 6-way search option.
  • BeenVerified is available in both iOS and Andriod apps.
  • The site has stellar customer support.
  • The site provides for its users a wide array of data that is not offered on other reverse address lookup sites.
  • Users are given detailed instructions on how not to use and how to use the information gathered from their site.
  • The site provides users with details on the sources an origin of the information revealed.
  • Users are offered a 1-week trial period with unlimited access at a cost of $1.


  • Some have found the site to be relatively slow in displaying its results.
  • The information displayed may at times not be accurate

11. FindPeopleFast

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This site makes it possible for you to find a person if all you have is their address. All you will have to do is to enter the correct address and the website will display the all the names of the persons living at that particular address. Once you click on the name you are interested in, you should be able to see additional details such as their full names, prior and current addresses, distant and immediate relatives, traffic records, criminal records, contact information, social media accounts, sex offender status, civil records, financial history, and even their online dating accounts, if any.

The site will provide you with details such as location, age, name and possible associations free of charge. However, more in-depth information will be availed for a monthly subscription.


  • The website interface is easy-to-use and can be operated effortlessly.
  • Its takes a few minutes to display the search results on a report that is easy-to-read.
  • Displays accurate results
  • The service works is complete anonymity. This means that as you are using the site, you do not have to worry that any notifications will be sent to the search target.


  • The rates of the sites subscription packages are somewhat confusing.

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How To Do A Free Reverse Address Lookup Online

The process of a reverse address lookup is fairly simple and should take you a few minutes to get the information you may be looking for.

Once you are on the Searchpeoplefree website for instance, you key in the street name, the building number, the postal code and the city into the search fields. The site servers will then scan through its vast databases for the address lookup information.

Once a match in the information is found the property details such as the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, square footage, estimated home value, local area code and the year the property was constructed will be displayed. It will also display the owner information such as the last name, first name, phone numbers, previous addresses, and social media accounts all on an easy-to-read report.


Armed with the above preview of the 10 best free address lookup services, you should be better placed to select the right service for your needs. However, we personally recommend Searchpeoplefree, as we found to be offering the best services all said and done.

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