Following Larsa Pippen’s Breakup With Marcus Jordan, An NBA Vet Explains Why They Think That Was A ‘Dumb’ Move On Her Part (2024)

Following Larsa Pippen’s Breakup With Marcus Jordan, An NBA Vet Explains Why They Think That Was A ‘Dumb’ Move On Her Part (1)

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan’s relationship garnered more than a little attention after the two officially went public in early 2023. Of course, it was confirmed in March that Jordan and Pippen had officially split following a cavalcade of rumors. While the two are no longer together, it seems that there are still some who have thoughts on the pairing. NBA veteran Gilbert Arenas is one of the latest to drop thoughts on “Larcus,” and he didn’t mince words while doing so. In fact, he even went as far as to share a take regarding why Pippen was “dumb” to part ways with Jordan.

Some who weighed in on the relationship between the two Traitors stars made note of the age difference between them. The Real Housewives of Miami alum is 49 (and shares four children with Scottie Pippen), while Michael Jordan’s youngest son is 33. While that sparked a complex discussion amongst pundits, Gilbert Arenas was clear in expressing that the Bravo alum wasn’t wise to move on from the relationship. That’s because, in his estimation, she doesn’t have many romantic prospects:

Now, [Larsa’s] dumb. … No one your age wants you… Even though you probably look better than everybody at your age, right? And the guys that will take care of you and take you serious[ly], you don’t want [their] old asses. … Them young dudes don’t have the same mindset, they’re not in the same stage as you. So what you’re complaining about with Jordan is the same thing you’re gonna complain about anyone at that age and below.

Following Larsa Pippen’s Breakup With Marcus Jordan, An NBA Vet Explains Why They Think That Was A ‘Dumb’ Move On Her Part (2)

In the aftermath of the breakup, Larsa Pippen addressed the reason she decided to move on from Marcus Jordan. She explained that after spending some time away from him, she realized that they’re at different stages in their lives. As a result, she ultimately determined that Jordan was “not [her] guy.” This all appears to be what the former Washington Wizard is referring to during his interview with VLADTV, which was shared on YouTube. The three-time NBA All-Star went on to share more thoughts, including why he believes Pippen dated a younger man:

You’re not gonna be on the same track. These guys are gonna want families and settle down. You done had all your kids, so you want to party. … [Larsa] lost her youth [by] having kids early… Now, she’s trying to relive that age, so the only way to relive it and actually enjoy it is to date [men] that age.

Romance rumors began swirling around Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen after they were spotted on a “double date” in Florida in late 2022. Despite initially downplaying any kind of sparks between them, they confirmed their relationship months later. Among those who commented on the pairing were ex-basketball coach Dan Dakich, who called it “one of the oddest things” he’s seen. Conversely, Real Housewives alum Alexia Nepola expressed support while weighing in on whether Pippen and Jordan would get married. On top of those reactions, it previously seemed that Michael Jordan disapproved, though Marcus later set the record straight with an explanation for his father’s brief comment.

As far as the general public knows, neither Larsa Pippen nor Marcus Jordan are currently dating new partners or have plans to meet new people soon. Overall, it’s far from clear whether Larsa will date another younger man as Gilbert Arenas suggests. The same also goes for the notion of her regretting her decision to cut ties with Jordan.


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Following Larsa Pippen’s Breakup With Marcus Jordan, An NBA Vet Explains Why They Think That Was A ‘Dumb’ Move On Her Part (3)

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Following Larsa Pippen’s Breakup With Marcus Jordan, An NBA Vet Explains Why They Think That Was A ‘Dumb’ Move On Her Part (2024)
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