GMA Deals & Steals for home & kitchen (2024)

ByGMA Team

June 27, 2024, 8:54 am

Tory Johnson has exclusive "GMA" Deals and Steals for your home & kitchen.

You can score big savings on products from brands such as Broombi, Revitalign and more. The deals start at just $6 and are up to 60% off. Find all of Tory's Deals and Steals on her website,

Deal details:

  1. Use the links below on date(s) listed to receive the savings.
  2. Only while supplies last. No back orders, unless specified by the individual vendor. No rain checks.
  3. Contact retailers for questions about products before ordering.
  4. Shipping rates are valid in the continental U.S. only.

NEED HELP? CONTACT TORY: If you need assistance with a deal, email Tory Johnson and her team directly at

By clicking on these shopping links, visitors will leave These e-commerce sites are operated under different terms and privacy policies than ABC and Tory will receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Prices may change from date of publication.

GMA Deals & Steals for home & kitchen (1)

50% off


Broombi: The Broombi

Broombi's patented silicone edge has revolutionized cleaning by effectively capturing wet and dry messes, including broken glass, liquids, pet hairs and more. The secret is the static electricity that Broombi generates that effectively removes hidden hazards like glass shards or eggshells that a regular bristle broom simply leaves behind. Broombi is extremely versatile, working on carpets, rugs, tile, smooth floors, sofas and even windows. Whether you're tackling spills in the kitchen, pet hair on the rug, or water on your shower doors, Broombi is one tool for all jobs. Shipping is $5.99.

  • $17.50

  • $35

  • Valid: 06/27/2024 to 06/27/2024

  • Broombi

GMA Deals & Steals for home & kitchen (2)

50% off


adoorn: Mailboxes & Mounting Posts

adoorn's locking and large-capacity mailboxes offer beautiful design and weatherproof protection so your deliveries stay safe while enhancing your home's curb appeal. They help prevent identity theft, mail theft and package theft with these locking mailboxes. They're easily accessed by your mail carriers yet keep out unwanted weather and sticky fingers. Choose from small and large options in Post Mount or Wall Mount Styles. Surface Posts and In-Ground Posts are also available. Shipping is $20 per unit.

  • $67.50 - $117.50

  • $135 - $235

  • Valid: 06/27/2024 to 06/27/2024

  • adoorn

GMA Deals & Steals for home & kitchen (3)

50% to 53% off

HomeWorx by Slatkin & Co.

HomeWorx by Slatkin & Co.: Candles, Plug-Ins & Hand Soap

HomeWorx by Slatkin & Co. is founded by home fragrance legend Harry Slatkin. Each candle is created by master perfumers using essential oils from all over the world, delivering a premium, room-filling fragrance experience for up to 55 hours on their 18-ounce four-wick candles, using 100% cotton, lead-free wicks for a clean burn down to the last drop of wax. Choose from singles and sets with fragrances, including Enchanted Peony, Birthday Cake, Mandarin Pink Grapefruit, and Jasmine & White Peach. Plug-In Diffusers and Hand Soap sets are also available. Limit eight per order. Shipping is $4.99.

  • $15 - $35

  • $30 - $75

  • Valid: 06/27/2024 to 06/27/2024

  • HomeWorx by Slatkin & Co.

GMA Deals & Steals for home & kitchen (4)

50% off


Marlow: Memory Foam Pillow

Experience ultimate comfort with the Marlow Pillow, a memory foam neck pillow designed for your best rest. Its fully adjustable firmness and cooling-infused technology ensure a perfect balance of support and comfort. No more sleepless nights, just blissful sleep. With three unique loft profiles and two zippers, customize your pillow to perfection without messy fill. Leave both zippers closed for firmness, unzip one for mid-plush, or open both for a softer feel. Choose from Standard/Queen and King. Shipping is $5.99 or free with two.

  • $32.50 - $42.50

  • $65 - $85

  • Valid: 06/27/2024 to 06/27/2024

  • Marlow

GMA Deals & Steals for home & kitchen (5)

50% to 52% off

G.O.A.T. Foods

Treat your sweet tooth with G.O.A.T. Foods. Their premium red licorice is crafted to perfection, delivering a bold, fruity flavor that dances on your taste buds with every bite. Each piece boasts a smooth, satisfying texture and the perfect balance of sweetness and chewiness. Black, sour and assorted flavors are also available. Or, choose from pretzel sets that include flavors such as Salted Honey Butter, Buttered Cinnamon Sugar Twist, Buffalo Ranch, Smoked Gouda and more. Taffy sets bring the classic dessert experience to your doorstep. Shipping is $6.99.

  • $18 - $54

  • $38 - $108

  • Valid: 06/27/2024 to 06/27/2024

  • G.O.A.T. Foods

GMA Deals & Steals for home & kitchen (6)

50% to 60% off

Standard Textile Home

Standard Textile Home: Circa Bed Wrap

Transform your bed effortlessly with the Circa Bed Wrap. This is a modern alternative to traditional bed skirts, offering easy installation and a sleek, tailored fit for most box springs or bed frames. This creates the appearance of a platform bed frame and is easy to install -- no need to lift the mattress. Available in a variety of colors in Twin to King/California King. Shipping is $5.99 or free with two.

  • $40 - $85

  • $100 - $170

  • Valid: 06/27/2024 to 06/27/2024

  • Standard Textile Home

GMA Deals & Steals for home & kitchen (7)

54% off


rockpaperflower: Beach Towels

Lightweight and less bulky than a traditional towel, rockpaperflower's Beach Towels make the perfect fold and roll companion for traveling. These versatile eco-towels are reversible -- two great prints, one great towel! These towels are super absorbent, quick drying and repel sand. Choose from six vibrant patterns. Each towel is made from 10 recycled plastic bottles. Shipping is $4.99 or free with three or more.

  • $20

  • $44

  • Valid: 06/27/2024 to 06/27/2024

  • rockpaperflower

GMA Deals & Steals for home & kitchen (8)

50% off


Revitalign: Footwear and Orthotics

Revitalign offers fashionable styles in wellness footwear. This orthotic-based footwear is approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association. This collection is designed to keep your body properly aligned, giving you the perfect fusion of beauty, science, and comfort in every step. Features include contoured footbeds, molded midsole for ultimate cushioning, and rubber outsole for traction. Styles include women's sandals, slips on, sneakers, clogs and men's sandals. Replacement orthotics are also available. Free shipping!

  • $6 - $65

  • $12 - $130

  • Valid: 06/27/2024 to 07/21/2024

  • Revitalign

Shop more deals from Tory Johnson's 40 Boxes:

By clicking on these shopping links, visitors will leave These e-commerce sites are operated under different terms and privacy policies than ABC and Tory will receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Prices may change from the date of publication.

GMA Deals & Steals for home & kitchen (9)

38% to 48% off


Cariloha: Bedding

Sleep comfy, cool and clean. Cariloha's luxuriously soft bedding is made from fabric derived from sustainable, eco-friendly bamboo that's twice as soft and 3 degrees cooler than cotton and naturally moisture-wicking. With odor- and allergy-resistant properties, Cariloha sheets smell fresher and last longer than some cotton sheets. This assortment features the Resort Sateen style sheet and pillowcase sets.

  • $33 - $160.50

  • $54 - $309

  • Valid: 06/27/2024 to 07/07/2024

  • Cariloha

Power Steam Pro: Steamer Set (6-Pieces)

Easily press and deodorize fabrics in minutes. The Power Steam Pro is a powerful handheld steamer that replaces ironing and dry cleaning. The steamer heats up in minutes and steams for about 20 minutes. Lightweight and great for travel, steam garments hanging or flat. This also includes a facial attachment, which can be used to cleanse and moisturize skin when a spa moment is top of mind. Free shipping!

  • $48 + Free Shipping

  • $100

  • Valid: 06/27/2024 to 07/07/2024

  • Power Steam Pro

GMA Deals & Steals for home & kitchen (11)

33% to 50% off


1947Kitchen: Kitchen Accessories

Elevate your at-home culinary experiences, from avocado slicing and storage to meat thermometers, grill covers, and all the fun in between. 1947Kitchen is where innovation and functionality meet kitchenware.

  • $10 - $20

  • $15 - $40

  • Valid: 06/27/2024 to 06/30/2024

GMA Deals & Steals for home & kitchen (12)

30% off


SubSafe: Food & Drink Containers

Bring snacks and charcuterie to the beach and beyond with SubSafe's waterproof containers. The sub containers are designed to protect and easily transport daily bites and refreshments. Store charcuterie fix-ins in the cooler and bring it for everyone to enjoy. The 14 interchangeable walls allow you to build your board perfectly for any adventure and the snacks that go along. The IceSafe Set keeps your ice for drinking separated and clean from the ice in your cooler. The Wine Safe is an insulated travel container for safely transporting both open and unopened bottles of wine.

  • $17.50 - $24.50

  • $25 - $35

  • Valid: 06/27/2024 to 07/07/2024

GMA Deals & Steals for home & kitchen (13)

24% to 28% off


Mella: Lid Latch (2-Pack) and Link Latch (3-Pack)

Transform how you transport and tie things down. mella link latches are a unique alternative to conventional bungee cords. Designed for versatility, durability, and user-friendly adjustability, Link Latches are ideal for light-duty tasks around the house, garage, or garden. The Lid Latch is a reusable, universal lid-securing strap for crockpots, casserole dishes, pots, pans, and more. Designed to help take food to-go in a safe and secure manner, made with flexible, non-slip, food-grade silicone and multiple loops to give all desired levels of snugness.

  • $12.50 - $20

  • $16.50 - $28

  • Valid: 06/27/2024 to 06/30/2024

Plus, shop more Digital Deals for summer!

GMA Deals & Steals for home & kitchen (14)

50% off


FluffCo: Pillows & Robes

Give yourself the high-end hotel experience at home at a price that makes sense. Available in Standard and King, choose from FluffCo's Down Feather or Down Alternative pillow in soft or firm. Recommended for stomach and back sleepers, the soft pillows have a little less fluff to give the pillows more "squish," but still enough material to ensure that the pillow feels appropriately supportive. Recommended for side sleepers and combination sleepers, firm pillows are filled with more Fluff to ensure a high loft and extra support. The luxury bathrobe features a plush interior lining, microfiber exterior, two oversized front pockets and gray piping. These robes are machine washable for easy cleaning. Shipping is $4.99.

  • $34.50 - $59.50

  • $69 - $119

  • Valid: 06/26/2024 to 07/21/2024

GMA Deals & Steals for home & kitchen (15)

60% to 76% off

Ideal Fashions

Ideal Fashions: Women's and Men's Sunglasses

Ideal Fashions makes fashion forward affordable sunglasses that offer 100% UVA/UVB protection. Protect eyes in style with these lightweight frames so you don't have to choose between form and function. Scratch & impact resistant makes taking these on the go worry-free. Choose from a large assortment of women's, men's or unisex styles. Free shipping!

  • $20 to $39 + Free Shipping

  • $85 - $99

  • Valid: 06/26/2024 to 07/21/2024

GMA Deals & Steals for home & kitchen (16)

50% off


HurtSkurt: Hot/Cold Therapeutic Sleeves

HurtSkurt is a stretch-to-fit hot/cold therapeutic sleeve that is designed to make pain management and recovery more convenient, effective, and fashionable. HurtSkurt's patented design of individual gel pockets sewn into a soft, stretchy fabric enables HurtSkurt to use gel without any antifreeze chemicals. The flexible, body-conforming design allows you to slide it on and the HurtSkurt will stretch and still be flexible for a full range of motion, even when the panels are frozen solid. Choose from body sleeves and headbands. Additional gel packs and aromatherapy packs are also available. Limit ten per order. Shipping is $4.99 or free over $50.

  • $7.50 - $27.50

  • $15 - $55

  • Valid: 06/26/2024 to 07/21/2024

GMA Deals & Steals for home & kitchen (17)

50% to 58% off

Del Sol

Del Sol: Press On Nails, Water Bottles, Toys, and Accessories

Del Sol is a fun-in-the-sun company that offers accessories that change color in the sun. Their proprietary Spectrachrome technology, formerly explored by NASA for its space program, is what makes Del Sol products change color with sunlight. Choose from a variety of options including press on nails, water bottles, kid's toys, such as mini basketballs, mini soccer balls and mini footballs. Also included are beautiful hair accessories and jelly shoes. Shipping is $4.99 or free over $50.

  • $2.50 - $20

  • $6 - $40

  • Valid: 06/26/2024 to 07/21/2024

GMA Deals & Steals for home & kitchen (18)

50% off


SomniFix: SomniFix Mouth Tape

During sleep, it's hard to prevent your mouth from falling open. SomniFix mouth tape is designed to stop mouth breathing and snoring. SomniFix's strips are hypoallergenic, gentle on skin and include a breathing vent. These strips work by gently holding your mouth closed to direct airflow through your nose. While SomniFix encourages nose breathing, any user can breathe through the mouth at any time if necessary while wearing the strips. Each box includes 28 disposable strips. Limit two per order. Shipping is $2.50.

  • $12.50

  • $25

  • Valid: 06/26/2024 to 07/21/2024

GMA Deals & Steals for home & kitchen (19)

50% to 60% off

NOD Products

NOD Products: Barware, Waterproof Bags, and Waterproof Speaker

NOD Products' line of bestselling innovative barware will be the highlight of any party! From the bestselling Bloody Mary Straw to the Sili Straws, there is something for everyone. These products are perfect for summer barbecues, pool parties or everyday hostess gifts. The waterproof speaker gives you the power to play no matter where you are. Also included in the assortment are the Dry Bags, which are the ultimate waterproof companion for all your adventures. Crafted from durable PVC, this lightweight bag repels water and keeps your belongings dry. Shipping is $4.95 or free over $75.

  • $8 - $24

  • $16 - $60

  • Valid: 06/26/2024 to 07/21/2024

GMA Deals & Steals for home & kitchen (20)

54% to 56% off

Karma Gifts

Karma Gifts: Home Accessories

Karma Gifts is passionate about offering a stunning, functional line of gifts, décor and accessories with sweet sentiments. Transform your house into a home with Karma's unique selection. Choose from planters, vases, trays, tea towels, baskets, and more. Shipping is $5.99 or free over $50.

  • $3.50 - $42

  • $8 - $92.50

  • Valid: 06/26/2024 to 07/21/2024

GMA Deals & Steals for home & kitchen (2024)
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