Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska (2024) Friday, April 12, 2024 $3 Volume 163, Issue 103 A Lee Enterprises Newspaper Copyright 2024 Follow us online: Weather Sunny, pleasant High 70 Low 46 FORECAST B4 CLASSIFIEDS C5 COMICS B3 CROSSWORDS A2, B3 OBITS A4 OPINION A7 SPORTS C1-C5 Inside Activate your digital account to get updated stories, videos, and hundreds of additional puzzles and comics. OF YOUR SUBSCRIPTION! Visit and download our app for the E-edition and breaking news on the go! GET THE FULL BENEFITS Spartans rule Lincoln East batters Grand Island for HAC title. SPORTS, C1 OJ Simpson dies Football murder trial shook the nation. INSIDE, A6 MARGARET REIST Lincoln Journal Star Lancaster County Com- missioners told a city offi cial Thursday they are frustrated by how plans for the $33 million StarTran multi-modal transfer station are unfolding, saying presumptuous for the city to move forward without negotiat- ing with the county, which will be greatly impacted. The city hopes to build the transfer station south of the County-City Building on a surface parking lot on the block bordered Ninth, 10th, and streets and is doing an en- vironmental analysis of the land required by the Federal Trans- portation Administration.

The lot is co-owned by the city and the county, but County Board Chairman Sean Flowerday said the county owns two-thirds of the land, and the new transfer station will displace 275 parking stalls for employees and 24 stalls along a block of street used by drug court participants who must get drug tests. Kerin Peterson, facilities and property director for the Public Building Commission, said in an interview that the south lot will likely be replaced by add- ing an above-ground parking garage on the surface lot north ANDREW WEGLEY Lincoln Journal Star With one day still to go in this legislative session, Nebraska lawmakers gave fi nal approval to more than 100 bills Thursday, send- ing a wide range of legislation to Gov. Jim desk and saluting sena- tors who will be term-limited this year in a round of glowing speeches. The Legislature gave third- round approval to 71 bills and another 33 accompanying ap- propriations bills as the clock ticked away Thursday, which marked a productive and upbeat day for lawmakers who this year largely avoided the par- tisan fi ghts over cultural issues that defi ned last legislative session. Lawmakers did clash this year over controversial legislation, the own rules and the behavior of a lawmaker who was reprimanded for sexualized remarks he made toward col- leagues.

But by Thursday, senators were more often teary-eyed than red-eyed as they off ered farewell speeches to colleagues set to de- part the Legislature next week, More than 100 bills passed on to Pillen KENNETH FERRIERA, JOURNAL STAR Sen. Robert Clements of Elmwood (left) stands with Sen. Justin Wayne of Omaha as Wayne asks him a question on his bill during fl oor debate at the Capitol on Thursday, the second-to-last day of the session. County frustrated with bus proposal RYAN LUETKEMEYER Lincoln Journal Star Photojournalist. Professor.

Cook. Husband. Friend. Those are just some of the words used to describe George Tuck, a longtime photojour- nalist and former University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor, who died Dec. 14 as a result of disease.

He was 81. Throughout his life, Tuck that had fl oor-to-ceiling wood touched the hearts of countless shelves fi lled with newspapers individuals with his talent, kind- and magazines. ness and overall love of the world around him. was always learning and exploring, and his capacity for love and sharing and listening to people was beyond said Jennifer Gutierrez, a long- time friend. Gutierrez fi rst met Tuck as a freshman at UNL, and remem- bers walking into his offi ce for from the fi rst time.

It was a tiny offi ce, no bigger than a walk-in closet, never met me before but he got up and he said, and he gave me a hug and that was the beginning of an amazing Guti- errez said. Tuck cared so much about his students, Gutierrez said, and he always had fi ve to 10 students Event to honor photojournalist George Tuck, a longtime photojournalist and former University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor, died in December. He was 81. In honor of Tuck, a celebration of life will be held on Saturday, from 1-4 p.m. at the Andersen College of Journalism at UNL.

The event will consist of several speakers and a slideshow of life. RANDY HAMPTON, COURTESY PHOTO Senators give final OK to proposals with 1 day left in session Inside: No sales tax hike in property tax proposal. Page A3 Officials upset over station negotiations by Flowerday Former UNL professor complications George Tuck died in December at 81 Please see TUCK, Page A5 Please see BILLS, Page A2 Please see BUS, Page A2 48th St. 27th Cornhusker Hwy. 56th Nebraska Pkwy.

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