Reconnecting with Old Friends: It’s Really Worth It? (2024)

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  2. Steps involved in Reconnecting with friends after a long time
  3. How to Keep the Relationships Going and Reconnect with Someone
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The past few months have been quite challenging for all of us. The lockdown was lonely for many people and it created the opportunity for many of us to reflect on our lives. This period might have made you discover that you have been separated and distanced from people who used to mean so much to you while trying to make ends meet. If you wish to reconnect with lost friends or you are interested in reconnecting with someone from your past, you should grab a seat and read this article till the end.

Making new friends as an adult can be easy as we get to meet new people every day. The advent of social media has made it much easier to socialize and make friends even without meeting them physically. However, no matter the number of new friends you make, you might never be able to fill the space of your old friends. There are some parts of your life, such as your childhood days or high school days which you do not have the power to revisit. We have shared these parts of our lives with some old friends who can never be forgotten no matter how much time we have spent apart. Such friends with whom we have shared precious time and made remarkable memories will forever be remembered. Hence, you might find yourself constantly thinking about your old friends, especially when you are lonely or going through some rough patches in life. Trying to reconnect with an old friend might be challenging, especially if you haven’t spoken in a long time owing to a major falling out.

Are you pinning for old and faraway friends who you’ve been unable to visit? Do you wish to reconnect with lost friends, or are you just curious to find out what they are currently up to? You are just a couple of steps away from reconnecting with friends after a long time or finding out everything you wish to know about them.

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How to Reconnect with Someone from Your Past

Life is genuinely crazy. Being an adult sucks. Adulthood comes with so many responsibilities that can make it easy to lose touch with old friends. It is also very possible to just grow apart from some old friends or even have different opinions and fall apart. If you are wondering how to reconnect with a friend you lost touch with, I have great news for you. There are tons of tools that you can employ to find your old friends, get in touch with them, reconnect with them, and rekindle your friendship if they desire. Navigating how to reconnect with childhood friends may be tricky, but it’s incredibly rewarding and amazing when you’re able to bring someone you cherish back into your life. The first step involved in reconnecting with a friend is locating the friend. To find an old friend, you can utilize the following means.

Searching for old friends on Social Media: Almost everyone uses social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram today, and hence, these platforms can be utilized in locating old friends. With over 728 million active users, Facebook is currently the biggest social media platform in the world. Almost everyone on planet Earth has a Facebook account, and hence, it’s one of the places you can find your old friend. Reconnecting with old friends on Facebook is entirely possible once you know the friend’s name and remember what they look like (as there might be more than one person bearing an exact name on Facebook). It is essential to know that some people keep their social media accounts private, making it more difficult for them to be located on such platforms. However, you can still send such people messages on social media or ask them to accept your friend request so that you can be let into their private space.

Joining alumni associations: One easy way to locate an old friend with who you went to the same high school or college is to join the alumni association. By joining the alumni association, you can gain access to their personal information, including their contact details and other information which will enable you to reconnect and rekindle your relationship with them. Such associations organize annual get-together events, which are perfect avenues to find and reconnect with old friends. You will find the link to join the alumni association on your school website. Also, some schools keep track of their past students, keeping detailed information about them. Such information might include their workplace, current address, and phone numbers. You should try and contact your school to see if they have an up-to-date record of your old friends. However, you might have to visit the school in person to ask for this information as most schools do not share such information over the phone owing to privacy reasons.

Reaching out to common acquaintances: There are definitely other classmates or friends of your old friends who you still have their contact with or see them on social media. By reaching out to these mutual friends and acquaintances, you can get up-to-date information about your old friends, including their contact details. Also, you should consider reaching out to their family members, introducing yourself, and reminding them about an old event that can make them remember you. Otherwise, they might be reluctant to disclose information about your old friends or share their contacts with you.

Try an old Email: Most people hardly change their email addresses. If you still have the email address of your old friends, the chances are that they are still using the email address. Check through your old diary for your old friends’ email and shoot your shot. Are you confused about how to reconnect with old friends via email? Use a subject like “Hey Ben, It’s Jude” and start, then keep the rest of the message as concise as possible. Easy!

Utilize People Search Websites: There are different websites that can readily be used to find people online. These sites are more effective than every other general search engine as they offer more specific information. Most of these websites are free, while some of them require payment. Websites such as Radaris, BeenVerified,, PeopleFinders,, Intelius, Instant Checkmate, and so on will offer you a lot of information about old friends whom you are searching for.

Steps involved in reconnecting with friends after a long time

Most people feel guilty about falling apart and losing touch with old friends. They judge themselves as “bad friends”, which makes it more difficult for them to reach out to their old friends. The truth is that there is nothing inherently wrong with losing touch with friends. It’s inevitable as we grow. There’s no particular formula that guarantees success when it comes to reaching out to old friends, but the following steps will make the process seamless.

Step 1: Be sure you are ready

It’s perfectly okay to feel nervous about reconnecting with someone you haven’t communicated with for a long time. The most important thing is that you are ready to fix your relationship with the person. Set aside your anxiety when trying to reconnect with old friends. Once you are sure you are prepared to reconnect with someone, it’s achievable.

Step 2: Keep it simple

When reconnecting with old friends by message, please, resist the urge to write a long epistle detailing everything you have done or achieved since you stopped communicating with them. Also, do not discuss nor exaggerate what happened between you people that made you fall apart. Just send a simple message such as “Hello, it’s been ages. How are you doing?” With such a message, you can be sure that your old friend will feel comfortable, which will significantly increase your chances of getting a response.

Step 3: Lower your expectations

Even with the best intentions and effort, your old friend might never reply to your messages. It might be because the person didn’t receive your message or because the person is not ready to reconnect with you. Do not get discouraged or worried. Try and understand why your old friend might not want to reconnect. Cut them some slacks as they might be going through some life drama and might need time to get back on track.

Step 4: Be sincere and realistic

If you haven’t communicated with your friend after a major fallout, you should expect some awkwardness. You should try and cut the crap by addressing the situation of things between you guys. You cannot reconnect with an old friend without creating an atmosphere of honesty and care. Start by acknowledging that you haven’t communicated with them in a long while. If you stopped communicating after a fallout, you should consider tendering an apology. Let your old friends know you are thinking about them and you wish to reconnect with them. Failure to address pain and hurt from the past can lead to suspicions; hence your friend might be skeptical about reconnecting with you.

How to Keep the Relationships Going and Reconnect with Someone

Now that you have located and reconnected with your old friends, you should use the following tips to keep your relationship going.

  • Always suggest activities which you can do together. For example, you can suggest going to the park together or having dinner at a restaurant.
  • Show genuine interest in your old friends by asking questions. Restrain from talkingabout yourself alone. Ask them about their new interests, past experiences, and family.

How Radaris Can Help

If you are genuinely interested in reconnecting with someone from your past, you should start by getting as much information as you can get about the person using the people search engine, Radaris. This search engine integrates people’s social media into its free profiles of people, thus making it easy to find old friends.


Finally, you have to respect the decisions of your old friends. Not everyone is open to rekindling old friendships. Your old friends might not be ready nor interested in having a relationship with you again. The most reasonable thing to do is to accept their decision and move on. Once you get the signs that someone is not ready to reestablish a relationship with you, avoid sending them further messages or calling them.

Reconnecting with Old Friends: It’s Really Worth It? (2024)
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