‘Variety Confidential’ True Crime Podcast Examines Hollywood’s Secret History of the Casting Couch   (2024)

Before Hollywood scandals of assaults and rape trials made headlines in recent decades, several notable men who built the entertainment industry were accused abusers in nationally covered legal cases.

Variety and iHeart Podcasts’ true crime podcast “Variety Confidential” debuted Wednesday with an episode spotlighting Alexander Pantages, the ruthless magnate who had major impact on the development of motion pictures and theaters across the country, including the famed Pantages Theatre which remains a premier venue on Hollywood Boulevard.

In the first episode, titled “The Beast,” host Tracy Pattin and co-host Matt Donnelly, Variety’s senior entertainment and media writer, detail Pantages’ rise and fall. At the height of his empire in the 1920s, Pantages was accused of raping Eunice Pringle, a 17-year-old dancer.

In 1929, Pringle alleged that Pantages, who was 54 at the time, attacked her in an office of his Los Angeles theater after discussing her audition. Moviegoers that day witnessed Pringle running into the street in a torn dress and screaming that she had been assaulted by “the beast.”

Pantages, who claimed it was Pringle who had attacked him for a movie part, was found guilty in a jury trial and sentenced to 50 years in prison. Two years later, in 1931, he sought a retrial, hired a new fixer and was found not guilty of raping Pringle.

The Pantages rulings would become a precedent for well-funded efforts to protect high-powered names in Hollywood such as Harvey Weinstein, the former film mogul now imprisoned on sexual assault charges.

Variety Confidential,” a six-episode series, will explore stories of sex, money and murder in the entertainment industry. The podcast dives deep into the Variety Archives, the publication’s research tool using nearly 120 years of Variety articles and reporting. Season 1, titled “The Secret History of the Casting Couch,” will detail the notorious Hollywood casting couch through the decades and draw parallels between recent sex scandals and those of the past, illustrating that sexual predation in the industry is as old as the Hollywood Hills.

Variety Confidential,” distributed by iHeart Podcasts, is available on the iHeartRadio app, Variety.com, as well as other major podcast platforms. New episodes post weekly. “Variety Confidential” was created by Jon Ponder, Tracy Pattin, Dea Lawrence, Variety’s COO and CMO, and Steve Gaydos, Variety’s EVP of content and executive editor. Sydney Kramer, managing director and senior executive producer for the Variety Content Studio, is a producer along with Ponder and Pattin.

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‘Variety Confidential’ True Crime Podcast Examines Hollywood’s Secret History of the Casting Couch   (2024)
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