Where Jeff Bezos Invests His Money  (2023)


Where Jeff Bezos Invests His Money (1)

Bezos made ninemajor startup investments in 2022 (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

ByTyler HummelLeaders Staff

Where Jeff Bezos Invests His Money (2)

Tyler Hummel

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(Video) How Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Invests His Billions

The Amazon and Blue Origin founder continues to build his wealth through cutting-edge startup investments.

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Key Details

  • Former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had led a busy 2022.
  • Bezos Expeditions, his investment firm, has invested in nine startup companies that rank among cutting-edge industries that are foreseen to be major players in the near future.
  • “The majority of the startups Bezos has been investing in lately cater to the Generation Z demographic. This generation heavily influences the future of modern society. With increased focus on digital media and sustainability, Bezos’ latest investments capture key societal changes in recent years,” says Yahoo Finance.
  • The companies include Overtime Sports, Realworld, Arrived Homes, Stark Bank, Outgo Inc, doxo, Wildtype, Cloud Paper, and Lummo.

Why it’s news

Bezos has a net worth of around $177 billion, much of that wealth exists in the form of his ownership stake in Amazon, which he founded and was CEO until last year.

He is positioned well to see the future of major industries and the overall direction of the world economy.

(Video) How Jeff Bezos Makes And Spends His Billions

Each of his 2022 investments speaks to the bright financial future for digital technology, investment services, and environmentalism.

“Since its establishment in 2005, Bezos Expeditions has invested in 96 companies while exiting 17 investments,” says Yahoo Finance.

Key takeaways

  • Overtime Sports is a digital media distributor that releases sports content through social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, to more than 65 million followers. It is currently worth $500 million.
  • Realworld is a routine app that assists young people with health/finance/work-related tasks. It raised $3.4 million in investments in 2021.
  • Arrived Homes is a real estate investment platform that allows users to buy shares in real estate.
  • Stark Bank is a Brazilian financial technology startup that manages over $108 million in assets. Bezos joined its Series B round of investing in April.
  • Outgo Inc. is a freight tracking startup with a potential market share of $400 million seeking to fill a hole in the market created by supply chain issues.
  • doxo is an online-payment app that was named in 5000 Magazine’s fastest growing companies list.
  • Wildtype is a salmon farming startup offering microplastic-free fish to high-end restaurants that also seeks to address the threat of decreased stocks of fish and possible extinction.
  • Cloud Paper produces bamboo-based paper towels and toilet paper in an aim to produce greater sustainability for trees. Yahoo Finance says the company has saved more than 10,000 trees in the past year.
  • Lummo is a Southeast Asian data analytics service that helps entrepreneurs and businesses in Indonesia with its “software-as-a-service” platform.


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